Top Ten Inforgraphic Tools

Anas Sheikh | 14-Apr-2017

What is an infographic?
Infographics represent data that is given in graphical or in pictorial view. It helps the readers to understand the information in much easier manner. Infographics allow the readers to reach the conclusion of the different pieces of information which are combined precisely at one place. It is mostly used where the data is in large amount. Reading and scanning that type of data requires a lot of time. Now a day’s people don’t have enough time to read out all the data, so here infographics play a vital role.

Top Ten Inforgraphic Tools

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In past Infographics were created by hand using rulers, diagrams, etc. But with the evolution of IT today it is mostly created with the online tools and software which are easier and understandable to the users. Top ten tools of infographics are as follows:

1. Canva
It is most commonly used infographic maker tool. It has a large variety of images, templates, icons and fonts. When the data needed to be converted in presentation, then there is not a better option than Canva. It's mostly designed are free of cost, but the premium elements start from one dollar.

2. Visualize
It is a community which has around 35000 designers. If you are not good in doing visualisation, then you can hire someone who will do it for you. Visualisation is at its best when people want to express their academic achievements in a visual form. One can visualise his resume by just only one click.

3. Venngage
The main focus of engaging is to create wireframes, slideshows, and reports. It is easy and commonly used infographic tool. The starting point of templates is beautiful, but if you want more variety, it offers an advanced tool to enhance your object. When your object is ready, you can share it to the social channels or download in PDF form.

4. Google Developers 
It is a perfect infographic generator when you want to bring innovation to a look of your website. Google developers provide charts that are free and having a vast variety of it- from pie charts to candlestick charts. You can connect to real-time data into Google developers.

As it names sounds: it is easy to use infographic tool. It is still in beta and still free (Hopefully in future too). You can customise your object by using a variety of shapes, connector lines, and arrows. These shapes are saved on websites and can easily share from there.

If someone has expertise in working with Ms Excel then is the free infographic tool for you. Enter your data for the charts into Excel spreadsheet and look the changes in the chart as you do. If you find any complexity in Google developers, try to inform one time.

7. Piktochart 
It is used to convert the complex data into fetching infographic with colourful text and images with some clicks. There are some designers behind infographic templates. And templates are updated on a weekly basis.

8. Dipity
If you want to add content with date and time then chose pity. It helps you to embed, create and share visually timelines that contain video, audio, images and texts. It's mostly services are free of cost but includes on-site purchases with some advanced templates.

9. Many Eyes
It is an IBM researched product. It provides vast visualisation range from ordinary to extraordinary. You can put every visual by a single click.

10. InFoto Free
It is an android app with different variations provided to your photos. It let you know that either you have to select a horizontal or vertical view. It tells you the which time of day is best for capturing the pics. It can create HD infographics from your photo library.

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