Top Five Ways to Influence Your Business By Email Marketing

Anas Sheikh | 15-Aug-2017

Do you think the effective marketing of your business is complete without the email marketing? The answer is a big NO! In the era of competition, one takes advantage who sells it better. The marketer who uses email marketing will sell definitely better as compared to one who is not using email marketing. The audience often considers marketing techniques might be boring. But the reaction to an email can be opposite to that. It will come across like a love at first sight. It will allow the client to take interest in your product.

Top Five Ways to Influence Your Business by Email Marketing

It is said to be that over 100 billion emails are sent each day worldwide. People receive and ignore emails that are not catchy. A business email should be different from the junk emails. What makes an email more attractive to your clients? These are five points you must consider before starting the email marketing.

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1) Personalized Content and targeted emails

The probability of opening an email increases if someone writes your name at the start of an email. The audience gets attracted to those emails because they feel the sense of belonging to it. It is better to make the little bit of changes in email If you send the same email to everyone it will lose the attention of the audience. Before sending an email, make a segment of your customers (For example existing customers vs. potential customers). Don’t send it to everyone. It will distract you. Targeting the right clients with personalization will give you higher ROI.

2) A precise subject line

It’s the first impression of your email marketing. Your audience will not take the first step if your subject is ambiguous. It is the main part of an email. If it sounds good to the client, the chances of a positive attitude are enhanced.

3) Body of an email must be organized and interesting

Don’t use scattered and outdated data in the body of an email otherwise, it will provide you the negative results. Data must be organized and updated for your targeted audience. Focus on value rather than a product. Focus on how your email will fulfill a need of a customer. Ask open ended questions in email (for example, ask how satisfied you are? Instead of asking, are you satisfied?) After selecting the proper words, deliver it in an entertaining way. The audience will not mind if you tell them stories about your company. It will engage them more properly.

4) Formatting & vocabulary

Make sure there is no spelling mistake in your email. It is easy to read by everyone. Use headings, numbers, and spacing properly to make it more attractive. Don’t use the difficult vocabulary. Is it easily understandable? Because all the audience doesn't same. Check sender’s name and receiver’ name before giving the final touch.

5) Selecting the prime time to send emails

Research has shown that most emails remain unopened which is sent between 9 AM to 5 PM. The best time to send email is from 8 PM to midnight. If it does not work then try the same thing on weekends. It has the highest opening ratio.

All the best results come through with the experiments. If you are sending emails by your own, you might get different results as compared to a professional email marketer. But if you are a business owner, you should try it at least once.

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