"To Edit Photos" Google is Working on Social Apps

Aqsa Hadi | 24-Mar-2017

Google has launched social communication apps named Allo and Duo some months back and is keep on adding more and more features to its new social communication apps. According to sources, The tech giant is working on at least one other social app. Google is on the go to develop a new social app that lets small groups edit photos together and joins them for better understanding and full enjoyment.

Google confirmed that many of such apps exists and running and called their app development an experiment of their brainchild.

Google have not finalised about the app name and will reveal about it later. Many developers considering it that it's probably not a messaging app. Instead, it will be a collaborative social photo app. Users can create groups for sharing photos. Then group members shall be able to tag, edit the same pictures.

Besides all this, It is observed that Google would apply several computer proficiency and tech equipment. Currently used services like YouTube, Google photos, Google search images. Which helps users along, This would be able to spot objects in a photo to tag and categorise them and in the future search for them. That will also to help edit, and apply filters to the pictures.

To Edit Photos Google is Working on Social Apps

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We assume that some of the pictures features in the app look like clips. A brand like "Apple" is planning to release in April that will use". So far they are building a competitor to the path, "how a person we know depict, A social app is established by the investor who was also an early employee at Facebook named Dave Morin, and Dustin Mierau, Shawn Fanning.

This path expands for providing a way for small groups of friends to share photos and chat to one another, one of the early stability to more open-ended, a share-everything inclination on services like Facebook and Twitter.

In the twisted highlight, Google tried to buy it, though. Path ultimately vanished in recognition. It was sold to Korean messaging giant Kakao in 2k15.

Social media is the area where Google has had a very erratic history. It's a part that the company still trying to get right. Current policy seems to be one of running a cluster slightly different efforts and apps concurrently, to check works, and what does not.

Whereas Duo and Allo continue to have updates and spaces- an app in a grouped way to explore links and sharing, things by tapping into presented Google services, which seems closest to what it's trying to put up in the app that's being tested now- closed down less than a year.

Here it is Google Plus, which is still in the run, but it is not the social networking magnet that Google once predicted it could be. There are few other things that Google introduced once, but they did not flourish e.g. Google Buzz, Orkut and Google Wave.

Why does it happen to keep on social media again and again? Reason: Google has to face competition regarding Facebook and Twitter, and now it's coming to snap chat as well, And thus advertisers -awareness.  Most often but not all users tend to go for search engine first when looking for information, deciding that how they can spend their money, and find ways to entertain themselves. They move to other deliberate apps, which ultimately cut off Google Mainstay advertising revenues and business.

Google is considering that how it can influence the tech that has been built to help power image search on YouTube, This search portal and it's photo apps to watch if that will be used to get a foothold in social is interesting.

YouTube is focusing on user-generated video mix along with premium content e.g. veto remains Google's most successful social play, Although it is known much for escorting in a very familiar material to some extent than for helping to keep the discussion going too. As is the timing: Apple will be discharging its very own setup into social media apps which helps you to edit, tag and share videos on different social networks soon in April.

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