Only Youth Can Change

Engr SK. Sindhu | 03-Jan-2017

AOA I am a grade 17 officer in a bad reputed government department of corruption. Here I am not going to mention my name or department’s name as to not target anyone. I am a Civil Engineer by profession and was doing a private job as a site engineer + Coordination Engineer in a well reputed private firm in a 5-star hotel before joining this Government Job. It is a fact that I never wanted to be in a government department because of corrupt practices. When I joined this department I have a thought of quitting this job at once and go back to private one. But one thought that came to my mind was “we abuse government departments while sitting at our home very easily, but never try to clean the government department” and a reply came to my mind “I will do something valuable for my country” and I am working honestly and with all the spirit since then. That thought just changed my thinking towards this job and after this thought, I realised the difference between “JOB” and “SERVICE”. A government job is a 24 hours job where I myself have given duties of 36 hours continuously without break and in extreme environments.

Only Youth can change

After seeing all the circumstances in these departments, I have to conclude that YES corruption needs to be stopped, BUT the lapse in our system should also be addressed at the earliest to stop this corruption. There are 2 types of posts in my department. One is of just staying in office from 9-3 and do nothing at all. You can enjoy facebook and other facilities and will be paid the salary. The second type of posts are that involve money. At these posts, corruption is being carried out. At these posts, you have to work really hard. You have to supervise the various types of works in your area, you have to deal every type of public 24/7, you have to work 24/7 in short. And legally you get the same amount of salary. I want you to compare the above mentioned 2 officers. Both have same qualifications. Do you think that both deserve the same salary? If YES then you are being cruel in my point of view. Because there is a hell difference between there working and the amount of efforts that they put in. But if the answer is NO then why there is no field allowance? Why there are no percentages specified in the contract to accommodate the amount of effort/work done by an officer?

It is just to mention that I don’t take commissions/percentages or do corruption in any regard and still surviving in the department. But I sometimes ask myself, “how long will I stop myself ?“

I know many of you won’t agree with me and they have the right to do so. But for stopping corruption, we/our system needs to pay an officer in accordance with how much work he do for the betterment of the system and for the ease of public. Government rates/MRS rates are very old and need to be revised as per market rates with contractor profit margin so that actual estimates can only be accommodated.

At the end, I would like you people to kindly have a thought about what I said earlier and do comment your thoughts. If you want to criticise me please go on. I am young and so as you. If we can’t cut the roots of corruption then no one can.