Never Let Others Know, How Hard You Worked

Aqsa Hadi | 26-Dec-2016

Everyone struggles hard, without working hard and thinking about how to go beyond boundaries, you cannot achieve what you really want. Exactly! Look around you, there are many stories being created personally. If you think you need guidance and without that, you are unable to do anything. That's not true. Seriously you know your self-best, what you want, what are your desires, on which level you are now, where you want to be. These things arise within you.

Look at someone like Richard Branson. He is always seen as flying balloons, flying to the states. You never see him at a desk doing work, answering phone calls. But maybe sometime during his working day, that is exactly what he must do. We just don't get to see all that routine. Thus now we just think of him as a business playboy, happy-go-lucky entrepreneur.

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This is the sort of image that you really need to cultivate to become a successful entrepreneur, easy, relaxed, suave, in control and of course very liquid behaviours and Chilled. You never escape, never panic, never feels overburdened, and never even seem to hurry. Yes, you could stay up until the early hours of every morning, but you never admit this. Of Course, you may work through your weekends, holidays and off days, but you will never let on, never give up on all this, how hard you work or the hours you put in. People observe you like you are coasting, taking it at ease, and taking it all in your stride. But you must be consistent.

Every beginner who have learned but is facing failure is due to lack of need to admit it you can do it. Carve this grain within you. You are able to do what you are assigned to do, or might be as an entrepreneur you really want to do.

Being practical what you have learned is polishing your skills. Obviously to be able to do this you have to burn that midnight oil again getting good, skilled, experienced and knowledge, read, ask, questions, review, SWOT and  cram until you do know that what your job is or what your business is inside out. Every thing seems tough initially but when you get used to all this you will feel relaxed and cool. Yeah, you deserve to be like this after struggling harbor.

Few tactics to go through

  1. Never ask for an extension of a deadline.
  2. Never ever complain about how much load of work you are given.
  3. Never be seen breaking into sweat and scrambling.
  4. Never admit you are out of your depth, do ask questions, admit you don't know but you want to know. Don't seek help.
  5. Learn how to be assertive so you don't have to get overloaded.
  6. Never dress awkwardly, make sense of it.

All this is a steep way to your destination. You need to work on your patience category as you are always being judged by others, fellows, community as well all the times. As an entrepreneur, you must be well aware of fact that it is obliged to encourage others as well. It will give you social market and will be a lot helpful in your growing strategy. you must expand your relation, but make sure with the right judgement you will make a road to your destination. 

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