Never Assume Love for Granted

Aqsa Hadi | 23-Jan-2017

It is realistic taste makes you emotional and a little bit thoughtful. I hope that I deliver it in the best way to make you realise how things change with time lapse. As we are living in the era where no one bears anyone and just move ahead emotionless. Reason Is that there are immense explosive adventures. These adventures could be very beautiful most often or it can be dreadful, though. When I was hearing all this from a girl that makes me feel speechless. As I also start wondering that where am I and do I have real emotions in myself to think for my own self? My close relations? Of course, we are busy with shrinking those distances that really doesn’t matter in front of all. Your upbringing and dear relations who obviously make sacrifices, compromises and a lot more without knowing you.

Never Assume Love for Granted

It’s a thought-provoking morning for me. When I met the good looking girl sitting on the bench. I don’t know why I was attracted to her, I just give a smile and it looks like that she was waiting for me. She welcomed me with an energetic throwback of a smile. I have amused that it’s the signal to say a close Hello!

I went close to her and sat beside her. Without my interruption, she just started talking with me. We exchanged formal introduction and then I felt she was about to cry, bearing to control her tears. I was curious that what’s the problem? I was unable to ask that why she seems so upset, alone and speechless. She got the signal may be. When she realises that, now she is able to say something she started.

I was free from my Master’s degree a few months earlier. I was completely enjoying my time at home. Because the state of rest just started. One day when I woke up, I came to know that I am engaged to one of my cousin in the family. I was shocked listening to it that, this morning isn’t normal like others. It was astonishing and I was unable to express that how I am feeling at the moment.  Well! I set up my mind and took it to the normal state after an hour. Actually, it’s not bad news.

Sudden announcements of my marriage make me a little bit nervous. It was like I wasn’t prepared to hear that type of continuous shocking news. The best part was my cousin never tried to contact me after this. I was confused because it might be possible that he likes someone else but never told me about it. I was not good looking but an average girl. During all this, not any unexpected event occurs thankfully. I was satisfied that everything is ok. Everyone was happy so I felt comfortable.

Finally, my name was changed from Naima Khaliq to Naima Ahsan. The most adorable and precious moments in everyone’s life is when you find the best soul mate to spend your life ahead. Being alone is good but not enough. You are complete with your soulmate. I was so happy because personally I was married to the most caring and loving person in my all cousins and that’s how I feel so blessed. He so dared to me and he always adores me to have soulmate like me, love, affection care. I was once complete in my entire life. I can imagine that ”how much she was in love with those words when sharing with an unfamiliar ‘me’.”

The reason behind all this was” I was so much hard working and take care of each and every one.” My husband was the perfect ideal life partner, anyone can think to have in their life. A blessed new phase of life started. I was enjoying my life, but after getting married, too much care from my husband makes me feel a lot secure, trusted and faithful. I was not sure that I am lucky or it’s a good decision for me from my ancestors. I knew cooking, putting efforts to make everyone pleased at my home. Unknowingly that was all due to which I got married in my family. But I started to take all this love for granted. I started to just make my husband happy other than everyone. Does he support me without bothering to know that am I right? I was having fun that, it’s my good luck to have such stupid husband. I don’t know what was wrong with me. Why I rose such blind and cruel thoughts within myself. One day my friend came to meet me. She just gave air to little fire, blows more spark. Incidentally, it happens; When you damn don’t care about anything, everyone just makes your way even easier.  I started to ignore every relation, being mean and unethical. The best and worst role was the loveliest part of my life. Who always thinks that;” I am right.”It keeps going and one day he cuts off from his family just because of me. Although he respects everyone but he was doing all that for my love. During all this all; “I forgot to mention that, we were still not blessed with any child.” but this doesn’t create any behavioural change of him.And five years passed.

You don’t know when and where your stupidities come in front of you. I realised that very soon. Slowly but that all cruelties came into my life. I was living with my husband but his behaviour inverted into something unfamiliar. He was getting exhausted day by day. We started quarrelling with each other without any reason. I wasn’t aware of that what was wrong with him. He started to ignore me. He came home very late most probably at night. Waiting for him was the worst feeling ever I could imagine. He was the world to me that I cannot imagine myself without him.But that was so surprising; when I came to know that after office hours, He went to his family and spend time with them. “How mean he is! I am waiting for him till late nights all alone and he just forgets about me. That’s vicious.

I decided not to talk with him but it doesn’t work. He doesn’t bother to even look at me again. I called my mother; with complaining attitude, about him. But she just dropped my call, due to my previous attitudes with everyone in the family, which really disappoints my family.I wasn’t expecting this attitude from her. There seems no way out, from this loneliness and continuous trauma.I felt so broken internally without realising my mistakes. Then again, I decided to talk with him about all his changed behaviour.

It was a terrible day; when I was treated just like a paper, unwanted, miserable. I was about to say something, but no one listened to me; instead, I was given a paper. I opened that paper hurriedly, without knowing that next moment will be a disaster in my life. It was a piece of separation within us. My husband gave divorce to me. I was idle, quiet and speechless. I was not given any choice to correct my mistakes. I ruined my life, that day I realised my worth. I was given too much love but I miss treated that blind trust and affection. He doesn’t speak to me and went out leaving me all alone. The one I was considering a fool. Actually treated me the way, I should know my worth.

I was crying listening to her. People doesn’t understand sometimes. When they realise their mistakes, behaviours, It's become too late. I am not able to understand who was wrong. Can you figure it out?

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