In Quest of Faded Memories

Kashish | 08-Dec-2016

My love! You are my real motivation. I love you that much. I want to thank you more than anything. I know it will make you feel so astonishing. You know what actually memories are? When you love someone and you didn’t get what you love. You start criticising and hating that special one or the entire world. That’s inhumane nature. But I want to be great full that I had you in my life. Actually, you broke my fear frame. You make me feel proud. I even didn’t talk to you on calls late at night. I spend my entire time waiting for you till we were in touch with each other. But still, I can’t hate you. You are the real hero for me. You give me that much space that I was able to share my inner fears with you. You taught me how to be brave. You showed me enough ego to know how to live life with egoism.

In Quest of Faded Memories

You are just fab. You are still in my thoughts, in my smile, in my cries, in my passion. Everyone who falls in love starts to look the entire world in their own perspective, I did the same until I consider that I am your first priority regardless of your behaviour. You proved me wrong, I love this. You showed me the dark side of a boy in a very mannered way. I love all those jokes u just hit me during all gossips we did on messaging.

I don’t know what was that, love? Friendship? Just a contact? But I was in deep love with you. You have accepted many times that you love me too. All that was fake? I don’t think so. I believe you still miss me. You still love me. You still want to see me. Regardless of situations. You make me cry most of the time but I consider that your annoying behaviour.  After crying I was all set with you. You all the time irritates me wishing my birthdays, by wishing late other than all. I was used to it. I consider that all a true care. I am seriously in love with your attitude. I know who else will read it, may consider it funny. But I will tell you that how I alternate your love into my strength.

What about all those people who do suicide just because of being broke up in love or in a relation with their loved one. Does life stop there? Not at all. Even no one bothers to think about them more than two days. I am not here to waste my life like others do. I am inspired by you. You taught me that you can live without me. Means I can live without you too. Seriously this is true love. What if we are far apart? We are still alive in our memories. We are living with our good memories and bad memories too. Don’t you consider it love? Well, I do. Just imagine you are wishing me prayers. I did this for you too. I just hate that part of you. You proved yourself wrong just for me. You showed that I was important to you. But you heard all that criticising words from me every time. I quarrelled with you, for not let me go.

I was in deep connection with the creator just because of your love. My existence is not useless, you showed me that tearing me apart from you. It hurts that much when you have wound on your body and bleeding happens. This scar is unamendable. You proved to me that you have to live without me, wishing me a good happy life without my devotion. How cruel you were with me, wishing all these blessings to me. It's True love, where fear of losing you just faded away.I didn’t miss you reason you are still always with me in my soul.

I am in love with your cruel behaviour because there was affection. I am trying hard to live without you happily just because you asked me. I always obeyed you. Listening to you and adhere to all those things you say is love. True love never dies. Memories fade away in your thoughts, but they exist in the corner of your heart. They make you feel good when you are hopeless. You are my hope. You are my sweet memory that can never fall apart from me, and I still fell in love with all this each and every second of my life. You gave me the true meaning of living life without having what you want.

I always wish you good, healthy, happy life. Do you know why? Because true love lies in wishing good luck. I am in progress with myself to be something. So that one day I wish I could just see you. That moment will be a divine moment for me in my entire life. I know miracles happen daily. I am waiting for this miracle to take place, though. Memories took me there, where the end of this story befall.

In the loving memory of you

In the faded vision,

My hope is you...

You’re mirror for me,

I will come to you…

Scars, wounds will disappear.

Whenever I meet you…!