How to Start Your Own Business

M. Haroon Abbasi | 26-Mar-2017

Well talking about business, first thing comes in mind that I can do business but what kind of business I should do. Off-course it should be legal and beneficial, but a lot of ideas comes in mind. Thinking about business first thing come in mind is that; "what are the ground rules? The first rule in the firm or any field of life is to be dedicated to his work. Must be honest, hardworking, self-motivated, transparent. He should be strong (morally, mentally, Emotionally and physically as well. )

How to start your own business

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Rules to Start Business:

There is one great rule that should be followed: "Money is not necessary, but moral values are too much important." Now for anyone who wants to start his own business,

Here is a formula for basic steps for any business.

1. Product/ service selection.

2. Find the right audience. i.e. right product for right people. It contains detail

There are four types of products or services when starting your business are mentioned below:

1.    Physical product

2.    Physical service

3.    Digital product

4.    Digital service

Now I have a question for students that why they try to or look for a job after giving plenty of years in studying business? Why don’t they do business after studying it? It’s a fact that 95% of the world economy is in the hand of Jews;  Why? The answer is simple. They teach business to their children even when they are in the womb. When a Jewish woman becomes pregnant from then, the husband and the wife together do math sums. Point to be noted. They don’t do algebra or trigonometry.  They do simple Plus, Minus, Multiply, and Divide Sums like the one I am writing below:

Husband asks the wife if you have 100 Rs and you go to the shop to buy eggs. The price of dozen eggs is 60. Now tell me that how many Rupees you have remaining. It is just a simple example. About business. The Jewish children from the beginning of their School they study business. And when they are about to get a degree, they are allowed only when they do a project from which the government can make at least 10,000$ Profit. The whole banking system is the invention of Jews. The interest based policies are from them.  This banking system is the cleverness of human mind.

Here is the Business formula

1. Choose the audience you think that your product or service will attract them the most It contains (people from different regions and different age groups and different Interests) directly call them. (Who)

2. Product or service. Physical product or real service digital product or digital service. Only call it (What)

3. Marketing funnel. (web pages). or how It can be done online as well as peer to peer marketing.

4. Marketing & Sales. (online advertising) Depends on person to person.  Money can be in any currency. But apparently, euro, dollars, and pounds also attract the most. I am going to tell you the fact that 97 % of the world population works more and makes less money as compared to the other 3%. Why?

Here is your answer!

The 3% people of the world think like as mentioned below:

1. Freedom(They don’t have a boss. They work whenever they want.)

2. Time(They have time to spend with their families and friends.)

3. Delayed gratification (They don’t think about money all the time, they believe in customer satisfaction. )

4. Leverage.(This is the most important part). They have designed a fully automated system. That works for them in 24/7.

They also care about their workers/employees If your employee is free of tension, then he will work for you with more potential. Now leverage means one person has 24 hours in one day. He has two hands. He may have got some limited skills. And he also got some money. Now if that person makes a group of 50 partners for business. Then, for example, each partner works 16 hours in a day then 16 * 50 =800 hrs 50*2 hands = 100 hands 50 different persons have different skills. And with their combined money they can start a profitable business 90% of the provision is in business and 10 % of jobs.


Starting your own business can give you satisfaction, and your hardworking capacity will return you more revenue.