How to Manage Your Team

Aqsa Hadi | 20-Jul-2017

What can one do all alone? everything is getting complex day by day that it's quite difficult to manage any business alone. You need a team or minimum at least two members to work together and flourish.

Here you will get to know about a team, how a team should be addressed and allocation of resources also, how they help each other to move ahead.

How to Manage Your Team

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A team is a group of people who work together to implement their skills for achieving a specific goal, for any purpose or desired results. Team members should have a strong sense of mutual commitment and cooperation. Team members should have a clear image and understanding of other team members and their roles for achieving an overall team objective.

We have talked about the team but it is also a very important aspect that how that team is being managed. Who is controlling that team and how proficiently that team is working, also what is the output from them. You cannot have expected results If you don't know how to manage your team. So, managing a team is also very important to extract what you want from your team.

 What a quote by Warren G Bennis that fits here  "Leaders are people who do the right things; managers are people who do things right."

Effective Team Management

Management is the ability of any individual in any organisation to coordinate and control a group of individuals to perform any task efficiently and give best-desired results. Team management not only involves this but also communication skills, rewards, setting objectives, motivation and teamwork in a friendly environment.

When you work in a team that means you should be supportive of each other in different aspects. Decide clearly on team goals and desired outcomes first. Use it for clear direction for the team that will help them to work with a flow. Always guide them where ever they got stuck, It will build trust and comfort zone as well. Flexible behaviour always gives positive results.

Three type of skills  a manager should look within a team:

1. It needs people with technical expertise.

2. People with problem-solving abilities, decision making, skills to identify problems, creating alternatives, evaluate those problems and make competent choices.

3. It needs people with good listening, giving feedback, the ability of conflict resolution and other interpersonal skills.

Flexible Attitude

Teams must be made up of flexible individuals who can help each other in completing tasks. This is obviously a good plus in adding adaptability and make it less reliant on any single member. So, selecting team members who themselves value flexibility, then arranging cross-training for them to be able to do each other's jobs. It will lead to absolutely achievable and high performance.

Size of a Team

Don't think that the bigger team you have means you can achieve more. NO! According to the president of AOL Technologies says, the secret to a great team is: "Think Small. Ideally, your team should have seven to nine people."

When teams have excess members, cohesiveness and mutual accountability decline, social loafing increases.

So, don't go for the greater number instead go for the greater resource with whom you can easily maintain your success. Cheers!

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