Forget About Standards, Every Women is Beautiful

Aqsa Hadi | 12-Apr-2017

Like any other word, BEAUTY has a variety of definitions. Most often used in relevance to objects. It describes that an object is pleasing when any work or art on it is striking. We also use it as an adjective to explain unusual beauty too. For example beautiful sound of orchestra, excellent cricket match, or nice home-cooked curry. Assuming all these definitions, we can say that beautiful is not only the feminine attribute. Then how this "beauty" become a feminine goal entirely- to consider herself always praised in this way. How our thought of beauty, no matter where ever you live or what is your life is all about, become standardized into one type of physical facade.

Forget about Standards, Every Women is Beautiful

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Unconsciously, it's hurting to know that this figure "beauty" is defined by our society looking into their thoughts about it, that how they want to define this term.  When you have public figures with specified characteristics say long hair, short hair, thick eyebrows, straight hair, etc. It probably becomes trend regardless of we can afford that beauty or not. But if we look into real scenarios, where everyone who is realistic, must consider the worth or feelings of real beauty. Where beauty is subjective.

In feminine perception term, beauty is imposed, not chosen by them. This is, in fact, something more than physical appearance.  Sadly in our generation, we assume that beauty is based on something with physical qualities. Women are always expected with perfect hair, make-up, cloth, and manicures. We are considering wrong. These things do not define beauty well. The most significant thing about beauty is the way you feel comfortable, your self-confidence, loving one's self and enjoying your voice, skin tone.

"My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun,

 Coral is far redder than her lips' red, 

I have seen roses damasked, red and white. 

But no such roses see I in her cheeks.

And in some perfumes is there more delight

Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks."

"Sonnet 130,"  Shakespeare

Looking into It, How beautifully Shakespeare explains about the mystery of woman.  Shakespeare stroked upon the violently idealized topic of feminine beauty. There have been many poets, writers, authors, and artists who have portrayed the subject of standardized beauty. Apparently, social media is playing this role vastly, that how this area is flooded with women and their looks. We forget about what is the reality before this. How they look stunning, we have unconsciously started taking into account that dramatized beauty with real feminine concepts entirely in a wrong way.

This kind of admiration becomes completely integrated with such concepts of women, Who are not able to follow such things but tend to adopt it for better residing in the society. Because if they don't do this, they will feel overwhelmed and felt incompetent in society mindsets. We all accept it but still, we don't cease it.  Being blonde, slim, tall, white become measurements of beauty. So that industries take advantage of these objective to sell their products, also practice that women who want to be beautiful. Detoxing syrups or different kind of weight reducing teas, diet planners, fashion mags, hair dying are all just ways that capitalized people, who exploit our idea of being beautiful to sell us their possessions that we don't need.

If we look at our home, Tv shows, different kind of magazines, popular channels, and our favorite stars, what are they doing? They are giving standards to a new generation, young girls that how they can be more beautiful, serials about relationships, different kind of tips to have a white skin tone and much more!! what are they trying to teach young girls? They are creating obsession in a wrong direction.  Many of the women, this way consider themselves a hardworking lady, who want admiration in return. They lose their worth assuming such scenarios. Not only this they have to bear different pathetic behaviors as well.

Due to the standardized understanding of beauty, women are made to believe in body ideals, which significantly differs across cultures. While society pushes unrealistic beauty ideals on women, questions like 'Am I looking beautiful? Or Am I too fat? Am I too short? ' Often begin in adolescence.

We need to consider the worth of being human, leaving such typical discriminative feminine scenarios far behind- to actually make this world a beautiful place for everyone based on equality.

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