Essence of a proposal

Aqsa Hadi | 29-Dec-2016

I was so happy. Finally, I got engaged with a decent guy. I just saw his picture. But I don't know why I started to feel a connection between us. Is this what happens when you got engaged with someone. I wasn't sure about it. But seriously I do believe that being a girl it happens to everyone.

One day I came back from my university. It was my last paper. I was very happy after a week of hectic routine, preparation of exams and surely a lengthy course to cover up. Making presentations and all. After paper finished I gathered with friends and we spend some time out in a restaurant to celebrate being independent. I was supposed to be at home before 7 pm. Suddenly I remind myself may be guests are waiting. OK dudes; I have to leave now, guests at home. Will update you all soon.

Essence of a proposal is the title

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When I reached back, there a decent family was at home. It was a proposal for me. I was the little bit nervous although I was studying in a university but such things happen to a girl. You can say that I am a kind of shy girl. So I hurriedly got dressed. And put a light make up on to meet them. They were home before half an hour. I was late I guess. But anyway I entered the drawing room with a little transparent smile may be. A sweet smile covered her face, one of the lady sitting there with her husband and a daughter. I was all blank what to say. It's weird that someone is at your home looking for you. You are the focus of everyone. 

So finally the lady started to talk to me, she asked me about my hobbies. I responded very excitedly. Love to travel. Weird? Maybe. Then she said your mother told us about you. I want to ask you few questions by myself I hope you don't mind. You are just like my daughter. Don't hesitate. I was feeling so happy inside. How polite this lady is. What about his son. Then she said except travelling anything else you want to say? I was like yeah I want to but maybe you mind that or I will explode in a bad manner which will not be accepted. Finally, I decided to keep my mouth shut and remain humble. The daughter next to her excitedly started to tell about his brother. She shouted bro also love to travel. Maybe you both are meant to be together. I was feeling shy. Her mum stared at her, giving her stop signal. 

Well after 5 minutes I left the room. They did gossips with each other. My father was so happy, I can feel that. A curve on his face that he is wishing something for her daughter inside. Every father does the same. That's pure love.

Finally, they were gone. I was the only child in my family. And no one was there with whom I can share my feelings and all that drama I was up to do. Mother get in the room, she politely asked me; how was your paper? I replied of course not good. But surely I will pass all of them with tongue out. She asked me about the family. I was all blank then I responded, it seems nice. But I don't want to be judgmental. Whatever you think is best I would prefer that. I want you to be happy. She replied, with tears. Honey, we don't want to impose our decision on you. Here is the picture of the boy. He is good looking. Take it and let me know about your decision. 

When mum left the room I jumped to catch the picture. OMG, he is so handsome. I dialled a number and shriek out loud; Oh dear, He is so good looking. I wish they say yes. Hey wait, You didn't saw him? No! I don't know what they will say. Either Yes or No. I didn't meet the boy. I don't know much about him. Should I refuse to this proposal? What if they forbid. Sweet, don't think like this, I was just asking you, that maybe you talked to the boy. That's all. And don't take decision too early. Wait for them what they say. OK!! My all happiness just faded away. I leave the picture on the table and sit quietly.

Next day my family was invited there. It actually gives me hope, that their response is positive may be. I was continuously tensed. Until my family came back I was just upset, couldn't eat anything, didn't talked to any of my friends, though. I don't know why I was expecting. What if they refuse. It's not the end. Maybe something better I deserve. All that scary thoughts were drowning me. It was all happening to me unconsciously. Well, after rest, my mother came to me. She was asking me about my decision. I was speechless. I don't know what should I say. I was all quite. How can I make decision mum? If I want to say yes, but they refused then? Mother replied patiently. My love, you are important for me. I want to know your decision. You are the most precious gift I have. All those people who can not bother to understand the worth of a daughter are inhumane kind of creatures. They forgot actually who they are! But the family is nice and polite more than expected, and so the boy is. They said they liked my daughter. She is a polite lady. She didn't demand anything all she wants is the happiness of her son. I know you are the best suit for anyone in the world. He will be blessed. My daughter is a blessing. I love you so much mum for bringing me up like this. I am so great full, you taught me how to be humble, and respect everyone. It's just you who have put the best effort to bring opt-out best within myself.

I was scared because people are so demanding these days. They don't bother to look at them self, instead, they want a perfect thing in return. I am shocked how they are so judgmental. They are of course not perfect, then why they did so. Girls have feelings, they didn't consider the worth of a daughter. I have seen many cases in my class. They cried a lot because of such people. Although nothing happens to me but I was scared of all that stories I have heard from my fellows. People reject them because of being too skinny, or because they are not so rich, they don't own a home and so on. The girl's height is more than 6inch. What the hell. Is there anyone who can rebuild him/herself? Of course, we are being created and definitely perfectly. That was all I was walking through my thoughts. I got hurt myself.

Apart from this, I was feeling so blessed, that family was so supportive and decent. They asked me to meet him once if I want to. I don't know why, but I refused. Even though I wanted to but I thought if I am getting marry to him, definitely there is a lifetime period to understand him. Finally, everything was done within both families willingly. I was unable to express my feelings at the moment. When I came to know that he wants to talk with me. I was horrified, what he has in his mind? What does he want to ask me? Does he want to refuse? Is he interested in someone else? All of sudden huge bang of questions were hitting my mind. He came to know that I refused to meet him before getting married. Maybe that's the reason he is angry. I was stuck. Finally, i decided to gather my strength and talk to him just once. Although there was no restriction from my family to meet him, Or talk to him. But I really don't want it personally. Girls with limits are always respected.

I don't know who gave him my number. Maybe his mother. Or maybe he asked for it to my family. Well, a sound voice smashed into my ears. Hello! How are you? I responded and asked him same. He started; I don't know why you refused to meet me. But I really want to know that are you happy to be my life partner? I wasn't listening to him, It was an honor seriously, it was like I am in another world where everything was so precious. After a silence of few moments, he snorted; I am waiting for your response. Oh sorry, I was, um yes. What yes? I mean I will be surely blessed to be with you for rest of my life. Seriously? It sounds like he is excited after knowing my answer. I will respect you a lot and will never disappoint you. But I want the same in return. Will you accept it? Of course, i try my best to be fair with you. Thank you so much. That's it. You can ask if you want to say anything. After a deep breath, i said; I am not going to say anything yet Until I prove it. I really mean it and we say bye to each other.

It was a miracle, I was getting upset and the thing was totally opposite to my thoughts. Actually, the reason is we are scared of all those worse situations taking place we are living with. We are unable to look at the good side of anything. We expect too much. Even we don't bother to think that, might be someone is also expecting from you. Well, it's good don't expect anything you will get hurt, but if you value others, you will be given value too. We can not deny the bright side of being human.

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