Creating Rules for Yourself to be Successful

Aqsa Hadi | 05-Dec-2016

Knowing Yourself

Before starting to tell you lot of interesting stuff, I must want to gear you up. First of all, you should be aware of yourself where you are? Where you want to be? And where you are going? If you know all of these, then you are on right track.

Creating Rules for Yourself to be Successful

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But if you don’t know where are you going then the probability is that you’ll end up going nowhere. The smart follower of the rules knows how exactly where they are going. Do you want to know HOW? Sure, I tell you, because they have a plan. They have plotted the path to where they want to be. Definitely, it takes time, maybe six months, a year or maybe five years. But you will not feel bad because you have a mission and you are on work with consistency. The plan is actually the whole thing which makes you determinant to be somewhere. Like if you want to do grocery. You will decide at which time you are free. Which is the best market according to your choice? And where you feel most comfortable doing grocery. These all things matter for you if you are a rule follower or a plan lover.


A “Plan is actually a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to achieve something, you can say it either that something an individual intends to do.”

Those who have planned their game and know how to play. And so will you. Rules players remain flexible, modifiable or always go for plan B, instead of losing heart are the real achievers. This is the underlying rule that governs all the others. Try to know well about your job. Whatever you have planned, you must be aware of its shortcomings and up comings before initiation to execute plan B accordingly.

Positive attitude

You know what positivity is? It’s nothing related to others only instead you need to understand it for your own self too. You need to consider positive things for your own being. Positive attitude towards your own self is a success indeed for yourself. If you don’t know anything, not a big deal. Everyone seems like they don’t. The important thing is if you don’t do it, then how you know it? The important thing is to look calm and efficient, on top of everything and totally in control. You glide through your daily work with ease and confidence with encouraging and positive attitude. Don’t stop learning, growing and implementing.

Make Rules

A statement that let you know what is or what is not allowed in particular situation can be considered as a rule for one’s self. You need to be a good observer during executing any strategy. Because if you are not a good observer you cannot judge things as required. So in executing any plan you need to work on observing situations, risks, hierarchy etc. A plan executor must have a flexible attitude towards work and convert their plan according to circumstances. They’re not rigid thinkers but smart and very fluid.

Creating Rules for Yourself to be Successful

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Create a promotion chart

What else you have planned work for you. Make yourself aware of lower marks and upward marks. Like if you want to be on the higher level. At which level do you know about that? You can be there, where you wanted to be. You just have to think that far for yourself. Look upwards for the highest rank or position you could possibly expect yourself to aim for, they should really be the same thing. Mark this.

  1. Look at the lowest mark.
  2. Plot all the steps in between.
  3. Mark your own place.
  4. List all the steps needed to get there.

It will help you a lot to execute your plan in a managed way. Things will be easy going in a patterned manner.

Your Expertise

Every single individual is talented in his/her own way. So don’t hesitate to understand your worth and don’t beg for yourself in front of others. No one is going to give you opportunities. You should be thankful for having each and every single feature any human being should have. Then what is the reason you are still blank or on spot zero? There could be few reasons. You need to judge yourself, should accelerate your skills, should be aware of your sense of expertise. And after reading this article you will feel being hit by a positive kick to take the start. YES! Actually, I just want to encourage your positive attitude for yourself and hit a plan.


Does it seem familiar? Maybe Yes, or may be No. If you know about this term, that’s pretty good. But if you don’t know really then I will tell you what an entrepreneur can do. “An entrepreneur can be an innovator in any business plan or a risk taker to initiate any business.” An entrepreneur is the one who thinks in a unique way, a risk taker who gear up its thoughts, run that plan and grow. Maybe there is an entrepreneur in you, and you still don’t know this. Whenever you realise your worth, it’s never too late to start up. Be different.

Staircase of success

You need to think technically and creatively. What else is here which being impossible? Any plan can be achieved. Nothing is impossible. You need to believe that whatever your dream is, you can achieve that. Faith is actually success Believe it. You and yourself are important. Spending money is fun if you know how to use it. When you have a vision you are an entrepreneur. Read about success stories. That will boost your energy, inspire and motivates you.

Be alert! Because everything is difficult initially, so what? without knowing about difficulties you cannot imagine the happiness of being successful.

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