Being Happy is Easy, If You Want To Be

Aqsa Hadi | 11-Dec-2016

I was unaware of the word “happiness” even though I am blessed with everything, but I was still looking to others for happiness. Once I was out with my friends, and they did the same like I did. I mean we had lunch, we made jokes, we did a lot of stupid things, and we travelled, after that, we were back home completely tired.

I always assume that I missed something. Maybe I have not enjoyed the way I should be. But after that hang out with friends I listened to them; we enjoyed a lot; it was all hell fun. They were saying OMG what joke was that person with long curly hair. They were saying, Hey I shouted louder than all of you, other interrupted, but I am not able to speak anymore because of that sour water. It was a fantastic day. One of them said it was the best day I have spent in my life till now. I was just looking towards them with the locked mouth. What are they talking about? Where am I? Have I enjoyed? What was the difference between them and me? I was all blank.

Being Happy is Easy, If You Want To Be

I was looking outside, a train, trees, crowd, sky, birds. Are these all the things where happiness lies? Truly I was all blank with this. But after listening to all those phrases from my friends are a miracle when I came to know I was also there, enjoying with them. But I didn’t notice that I was also happy. I didn’t notice that being tired is happiness. Making fun with all those silly topics were a joy. It was all that I was unaware of. Honestly, it was incredible. I shared this with you because I want to tell you that for being happy you don’t need anyone else. It’s you, yeah it depends on you. How you live your moments.

Happiness is what makes you feel good. I came to know after that. Then I came to my sister and did you believe it what I asked her? I said: Do you know what happiness is? She stared at me with a questioning eye! What you want to say. Speak up. I hurriedly said, I was with friend’s whole day, and we hang out in a mall, after that we moved to all those scary swings then we had lunch together. She replied: Is this what you want to say me? I denied No. Not exactly. I want to tell you that we are so blessed. We have everything but remember we never appreciate that. Today I am so happy because we hang out. But today I came to know that being happy is nothing else instead of your kind behaviour with yourself, giving others what you have, doing chill, hang out with friends, kidding, made jokes and being tired after that all is “Happiness”.

But still, I am confused that it so little word to explain? I still want to explore what actual happiness is. Helping those who are not blessed as you are. Giving all those people who are expecting something from you, because they don’t have all those things what you have. When I saw elderly individuals with a bend back, I suddenly felt so squeezed that I will be the same one day. Have I enjoyed my life till now?

Everything that gives you inner peace is happiness. Stop arguing about stress, start counting your blessings. I am not able to thank for any single thing I have. Happiness is accepting that you are amazingly created. Happiness is giving others, adoring humanity, landscapes, wonders in the world, praising Creator, doing all those stuff or work which gives you mental and physical satisfaction is where happiness lies.

We always go to others with tired, brushed mind, telling that you want to know about the solution to your problems. But the fact is we didn’t try to understand what the real issue is? The real issue is with ourselves. Now people consider that happiness is, ruining others life, Seriously its right! I have seen many people; definition of happiness is different for different people. You don’t know for others who irritate people, what they extract from this, happiness? What I believe: I seriously respect those people. They tell you, your worth that you’re better. For me, they don’t know why they are here in this world. They are here to tell us that; we should be grateful to the Creator; for giving us the sense to notify things as they should have to be, and being thankful is a pure indulgence of happiness.

Being Happy is Easy, If You Want To Be

All those enchanted minds are not different, but their vision and perspective to look things are entirely different, which helps them to achieve something great whether that is their passion for anything, Happiness, Kind behaviour with humanity, love with nature and animals give them real happiness with success.

I was amazed that moment when I realised that I am so blessed and have all those things, someone wishes for, and I was still looking for happiness; That’s so funny. Then I changed my mind. I started looking things, peoples, animals with entirely different perspective. They give me true happiness. Looking a tree, without moving and breathing is a cheerful sensation. What he wished for may I move from this place to other just like a human does. And then it says thank to Allah. No! The tree is thanking all the time. This is we “human beings” who wait for the moment to thank Creator.

Telling or arguing with people is not the solution to your problem. It will exhaust you, gives you others kind words, and they will chirp about you and create stories. Are you here to be a story for someone, that they will feel miserable for you? When you have each and every blessing, then you should not deny that accepting all that and being thankful is true happiness.

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