Be Aware of Yourself, Strengths and Weaknesses

Aqsa Hadi | 31-Jan-2017

If you want to be a good business person or an entrepreneur, in formal you have to be very clear and incredibly objective about your own self. Now everyone is very much obscure about what they have in their head, what they are going to speak, what they are expecting from others to respond them. Is it possible the response could be the way they want? All this is very easy if you understand the consequences. A lot of people are unable to do this.

Be Aware of Yourself, Strengths and Weaknesses  

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We all carry an intellectual image of ourselves- What is our appearance like, what brands impulse us; how we make efforts – but how honest is this image. Habitually you think that you work creatively and eccentrically and others think it's chaotic- very unorganised. According to you, do you think it’s the reality?
To know about your strengths and weaknesses you must have to understand your character, your role, how you work etc. You know being creative is a strength- lots of lovely ideas, no attention to particulars, generating new projects rather than seeing them through or actually working on them. I once was doing my job where an enthusiast came for training. He gave us all a coloured paper and asked to write five strengths and five weaknesses. Seriously that time I was all blank. I was unable to respond as quick as time was up. That was the moment I grasped that, what if I am earning few bucks and I am not able to know about my own self. Then I decided to leave the job and work on my own worth. 

You have to know about your role if you really want to make subjective judgements about strengths and weaknesses. If you think you have doubts make lists, that’s what I always say. Write down about your strong points and weak areas as well. Show this list to the closest friend. Now do this once again but this time show list to someone you can trust. There will be a lot variance. This is because the special skills you bring to friendships are pretty different from the ones you bring to a work affiliation. 

This rule is for knowing about your strengths and weaknesses. What an entrepreneur does? He makes clear paths of his innovative idea whether its strong areas as well as weak areas too. It isn’t really about eliminating all that or improving them instead of abolishing them, keep on working with them and changing them in any way. You may be well organised or disorganised, erratic or consistent, predictable or unpredictable- Is this a good idea or bad? It all depends on you and your role. You may need to change your role to suit your strengths and weaknesses to be a good entrepreneur or effective business executor. 

Many people reflect that recognising their strengths and weaknesses means that they get to lose the bad stuff. This is not true at all. This is not the right cure. Instead, it's actual world. We all have such scenarios in our lives. The top-secret to this is that cram to live with them without disruption, and trying to be the ideal one. The one which is unrealistic and definitely unproductive too. Your flaws – but then they would become assets, wouldn’t they? Think about it.

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