Art of Public Speaking

Aqsa Hadi | 22-Mar-2017

Most often people tend to refuse to face the public, or when it comes to speaking in front of a crowd they panic. "Glossophobia"  term well describes the fear of public speaking. But don't panic every problem has a solution.

Art of Speaking

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Invited to Public Speaking, Whoa!

This is an interesting phrase, It is really breathtaking when you came to know that you are invited unwillingly to any kind of public speaking, where you have a chance to actually motivate yourself in a way, and you have a good opportunity to convey your message and meet new people. but if you don't know how to avail it. Don't worry. Here are the crispy tips to digest it and never feel overwhelming.

It is seen that many people don't find it interesting just because they can't bear listening to others who are actually telling their own stories may be- or telling you the truths about the life they have been challenged most probably. Same like this most of the others loved to listen to such amazing and tremendous people, who actually give them a totally new vision, new way, new path and solution to their problems. They are obviously not exceptional instead they are confident about their own perspectives. They keep on going crossing boundaries.

There are so many people with timid reserved behaviour from others. But actually who will disregard your this timorous flattering? Someone else? Obviously not! It is "You", ' Who can do this and overcome your fear zone by facing the public crowd.' being shy is not a crime, But it will disqualify you from reaching your goals and giving you a mental torture which is definitely not a healthy sign. We are living in the fast era and easy to connect with others. So, accepting it that, if you will not react at the moment to any situation you will be left behind and no one will bother to even look at you.

You Are Not Exceptional!

You are here to live your life, tremendously outstanding and overwhelming instances. If you really want to enjoy such moments, You have to accept it, you are not exceptional, having each and every feature perfectly! It's your inner voice, that will lift you up, and say that; I can do that! when you repeat this "I can.." Simply it means that you have achieved your ambition 60% and rest is not too much to accept. Your positive attitude will actually give you strength, motivates you to accomplish your public speaking art.

These words will not leave you behind instead it's for you to lift you up to go, face public crowd or gathering of few people without hesitation.

Problems Fearful People Includes:

  1. Shyness
  2. Avoid looking into eyes of the audience.
  3. Shivering invoice.
  4. Trembling, when someone gives more attention to shakiness
  5. Coughing.
  6. Extra pauses.

You Can Reckon These Tricky Flips:

  1. Think what you are going to speak.
  2. Push yourself, you can do it.
  3. All is well, Everything is well.
  4. Don't consider crowd alarming.

Powerful Tool of Delivery

Those who have the art of speaking in a crowd or in social gathering are very powerful in their own perspective. Because they know how to defend their opinion and to build an aura where they attract the people of their kind.

Just like any other skill or art, speaking is very power tool for anyone to deliver what they think. Their positive attitude for any area. Their enchanting opinions for better results towards any situation. 


It is obvious that people with speaking art are cheerful. They know how to enjoy themselves. They love to listen in a very calm manner. Their vocals, posture, body language and accent all are very crucial parts of their speaking art. Their mastery of public speaking art tells them how to engage their audience by using all categories in a disciplined way.

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