Apple and Samsung; Strong Competitors, Who Will Win

Afshan Farooq | 29-Aug-2017

In the next few months, both leading brands of smart phones Samsung and Apple are ready for competing for each other because they are ready to launch their new models of smart phones. So, people who are fond of these mobiles are very excited about these smart phone stories like how these mobiles work.

Gossips in the town before the release of these mobile phones are very tiring, and the guess should not be taken seriously. However, in the last week, much convincing news about these phones are in the air and it’s just like a happy meal for those who love to think of these upcoming smart phones.

Apple and Samsung Strong Competitors Who Will Win

Features of Galaxy Note 8:

Let's discuss the Samsung first, which on 23rd August showcase its new model Galaxy Note 8. This mobile is next version of Note 7. It will leave behind the iPhone mobile which is introduced by the Apple Company in September in the markets. It will happen only in the case if the launch of renewing iPhone is postponed.

According to Evan Blass report, who is expert in handling these rumours explain that fingerprint pattern is same for both Galaxy S8 and Note 8. It was not famous among the customers due to its inefficient camera.

In such case, there was a feature which is already in the Galaxy 8, for example, dual camera plus have the same key for the Bixby and its voice assistant.  

Features of Apple:

In the meantime, Apple Company declares after the tweet by the iOS developers, that there are references about the next iPhone will have speakers of Homepod. Before time rumours seem to be true that new iPhone model will have the features about the face detection and biometric.

On Note 8, there will be slim bar all around the top. A customer Reddit mentions the other system in HomePod which show the chances that charging in new iPhone will be without wire. This feature resembles with the Samsung and other mobile companies.   

So, what the customer should do?

There is a high probability that these before launch news will never help you in choosing your mobile. Except that the person to whom you purchase the mobile will have complete information of both these latest handsets.

Apple and Samsung these both leading smart phone companies are very similar to each other regarding their features and style. Also, this creates immense pressure about their performance.

This is very difficult for the public to take an early decision about the smart phone. As this is an era of modifications and it’s not easy for the public to wait for the launch.