An Open Letter to More Than Just A Boss

Mehwish Anwar | 10-Dec-2016

No, I don’t have a crush on you.

But, I’d be lying if I say that I don’t think about you more than myself. All my workplace stories revolve around you. All my end-of-the-day-gossip-sessions with my work friends are centred about you. My every third talk on the dinner table involves you in one way or another. My long distance best friends, without having met you, know all about you. I bet they’ve already portrayed an image of you in their minds with all the chunks of things I tell them about you. You are not only my mentor, my teacher, my boss, is you, but I have also found a loyal friend too.

When I first met you, I found you incredibly rude and a self-centered sarcastic person but now when I’ve got a chance to know you, I can’t think of anyone more awesome than you. It’s like you have many personalities in one body. One minute you are acting childishly immature over something, and next, being the wisest of all. One moment you are all serious over some office work, and next, finding humour in almost everything. However, I have found you consistent in being passionate about achieving your goals, I have found you as a dreamer who never gives up, neither lets others give up. One, with big ambitions, who motivates and inspires me. Whose mere existence around me instils in me a burning passion for being more like him. Sir, I want to be like you. I want to be exactly like you!

An Open Letter to More Than Just A Boss

I like the fact that everybody here likes you. I like the level of frankness you maintain with all the people around you. I like how artistically you balance being sarcastic and charming at the same time! I like the way you cheerfully sing “Assalam o Alaikum” as you enter the office. It just brightens up everyone’s mood. I like the way you never try to be a bossy boss, it encourages people to have a say in things too. I like the way your eyes smile when you are talking about the things that interest you, let it be about the new song or about the argument that you had won with someone. I like it, even more, when your eyes sparkle mischievously just before getting sarcastic at someone. I like how your mood always swings back to your calm and jolly nature, within seconds of some heated argument. Your gentle nature makes me feel relaxed. Makes me feel home, more than my home. Sir, I want to be like you. I want to be exactly like you!

I like the way you make me feel in my comfort zone when I am at office. I used to be a shy girl working in a male, dominant company. I was hesitant talking to the co-workers and remained quiet most of the times. I didn’t speak unless I was spoken to, let alone stirring up the conversations myself. But I am thankful to you for breaking the ice around me, for making me feel welcomed in your area, for giving me respect more than I deserved in front of the co-workers, for not burdening me with too much work or making me feel useless by giving me little work. I am thankful to you for all the times when you kept your cool when I messed up your given assignments. I am grateful to you for not mocking me whenever my eyes filled with tears, because of whatever the reason. I respect you for never making me feel embarrassed or vulnerable for my short comings. I respect you for not getting annoyed with me when you told me million times about doing a particular task and I wasn’t able to accomplish it by the end of the day. I respect you for not snapping at me when I am unable to get trivial things done all by myself. I adore you for your constant support and efforts towards making me a better professional. I wonder if I would be able to influence someone like you do. Sir, I want to be like you. I want to be exactly like you!

Somedays you need more drive than your paycheck to get through work; you are my that incentive. Somedays you need someone to hold you together when you are breaking because all of your dreams and hopes have come crashing down all at once, you are my that glue. Somedays you need some appreciation to keep up the good work; you are my that admiration. Somedays you need some criticism to pump you to strive what you are capable of achieving, you are my that critic. Somedays you need someone to vent all your emotions and feelings to, you are my that listening ear. Somedays you need to back-bite about someone because a small petty thing they did, you are my that gossip-person. You are the one I can share all my high school anecdotes with, without any filters, confident that you wont judge because you would have probably done the same things in your time, if not worse. It's cherishing how you were supposed to be my boss, but you chose to be my friend instead. It’s impressive how you have all the right things to say at the right time. Sir, I want to be like you. I want to be exactly like you!

The other day when I mentioned your middle name, you were surprised how I knew about it. I know you far more than you think I do. I notice the small things you do. I see the insignificant habits you have picked up over time. I notice how focused your face looks when you are jotting something down on a paper. I see how you sit up straight when you are responding to some critical mail. I notice how your shoes are regularly polished. I notice how you are unaware of your shirt being tucked out when you are engrossed in some fieldwork. I can’t help but noticing. Don’t take me as a stalker, but I am just curious about knowing you more. Because Sir, I want to be like you. I want to be exactly like you!

The girl who adores you as a role model.

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Mehwish Anwar
I am an electrical engineer by profession and a writer by passion.