A Phone is a Powerful Tool for a Business Sale

Anas Sheikh | 30-May-2017

The ultimate goal of a business is to earn a profit. And the profit is generated through the sale volume of business. There are various ways to increase the sale of business, but one of the most efficient is through a phone call. The phone is the most influential business weapon. In today’s the internet and social media obsessed world, most of the companies post their pictures on Instagram and tweets their info regarding their business. Some companies send emails to the random persons to generate a sale. Do you think it’s enough to attract a customer and make a sale? No, it can’t be. Because there are many scams and frauds are available on the internet. Customers often get confused to decide the real one between the fakes.  At this point phone call develops a relationship between a customer and business. Though phone conversations can be tough and long. But it will allow you to make a sale or handle a customer’s inquiry. A phone call will help you to approach the right person.

A phone is a Powerful Tool for a Business Sale

Digital advertising leads the customers to the next level, but they still want to contact the business. As you can see on various websites, there is an option available “Contact us”. And most of the times a phone number is mentioned in this section so the customers can call and clear the ambiguities if they have any.  Though being in front of a customer is the most effective way, but it can’t be possible every time. And it can cost eight times more than a phone call. So a phone call is a better option among all because you can build the entire business on the phone. Here are five useful tips on how to use a phone to make a business sale.

1. Time Management

On a phone call, your time is limited. You have to go through with all the stuff in a short time. So don’t lose your focus to the main point. Keep it simple. Don’t take too much time of your customer. Because you will not get a second chance to make a first impression.  

2. Communication Skills Matter

Don’t go harsh. It’s the collection of the word’s which can win the heart of the customers. For this, you need to develop strong communication skills. If a customer asks anything, you should be able to provide a prompt answer in return. You should know about the customer’s needs and wants.

3. Play Emotional

Studies have shown that emotional advertising has the most productive returns as compared to non-emotional ones. So this tactic can be very helpful for the phone call too. During a phone call, make sure you are sharing your emotions through your words. Tell them about your business history if possible. It will make customers more engaged in your conversations.

4. Don’t News Reading

It means don’t use a prewritten material during your phone call. Take a breath. Speak randomly. And don’t use your same words again and again. It will become boring. And the customer will not listen to you properly.

5. Ask Feedback

The last main thing is to get feedback. It will allow you to evaluate your phone call. You will find a suggestion either to chose the same pattern to other customer or bring some change.

So grab your phone and make a business call today!!

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